Thursday June 18th

Skype, FaceTime and Hangout/ Membership Appreciation Raffle

For our June Meeting we will have a presentation from Lon Halley about Skype, FaceTime and Hangout. The presentation will be about how to access, install, setup and use these wonderful free services and learn there many features. Gain the step by step skills to operate these simple tools. There will be a hands-on live demonstration of these products. Learn how to stay in touch with your grandkids, children, family and friends aimage004nywhere in the world. All it takes is a computer with internet access, or tablet or smart phone (iPhone or Android) or other devices. Learn how to use Skype on your smart phones. Learn how to call between different smart phones, i.e. iPhones and Androids. Bring your own device and you’ll be able to “play” with these video calling tools. A “bonus” product will be an actual “video phone” as well. Learn how to do groups calls with multiply parties, etc.. Learn about free options as well as low cost alternatives, i.e. Skype. It’s easier than you think. It will be A LOT of fun, too. It doesn’t require a lot of “techy” know-how. Imagine “seeing” the loved ones not only just hearing their voices. Join us
and learn how to stay visually “in-touch” from anywhere in the world (almost).


Membership Appreciation Raffle

This year instead of the Big Ole Raffle that so many of you are familiar with, we are going to have a Membership Appreciation Raffle. Some great prizes in store. Check back for more details. Secrets to be revealed. As always we’ll have some great ones!