Mac security with MacMost founder Gary Rosenzweig – Apr. 19th

Gary Rosenzweig, the founder, producer and host of MacMost talking about Mac security

The speaker this month at our general meeting will be Gary Rosenzweig, the founder, producer and host of MacMost. He has written more than 40 mass-market books on computers, including the best-selling “My iPad” series. In addition, he develops mobile and web-based games. He has a dual background of computer science and journalism with degrees in both.

Gary will talk about Mac security, dealing with the importance of using strong passwords for online accounts, the need to have a good backup, and the various threats that face Mac users such as malware and email phishing scams.

Gary’s website is jam-packed with all Mac and iOS related information. Feel free to sign up for his weekly newsletter and check out his About page for more details.