Mastering Internet Search with Cody Henderson – Feb. 15th

Beetstech's owner Cody Henderson teach you to Google

Tips, Tricks & Techniques For Better Searches This month’s guest speaker will be Cody Henderson of Chico based Beetstech who will explain how to effectively find what you’re looking for online. Finding information on the internet isn’t as simple a task as it might seem — a fact many of you are already well aware of. If […]

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Founding Beetstech with Cody Henderson – Sep. 21st

Chico CA Beetstech business for Apple computer repair services

Our guest speaker this month will be Cody Henderson. He’s the founder of a company in Chico called Beetstech. He’ll explain the services his company can provide to our members and give us a preview of the new Mac operating system, High Sierra. He’ll also give us some tips on “what’s new” in iOS 11. […]

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