James Ellison Wills – January Speaker

image of james willsJames Ellison Wills is a freelance pixel pusher and has been for almost three decades. He has produced four documentary films, over 200 video shorts and published five books. Web design and video production are his primary work. He lives in Sonoma and works at home.

James Ellison Wills’ interactive book explores the subject of video production with just an iPad. The book is not a software manual; it is focused on the process and the tools of iPad video production; the cameras, the editor, the shots. Written in iBooks Author and enhanced with 25 videos, the book’s samples were all shot on location in Japan to spice up the imagery.

Wills is an enthusiastic proponent of iPad users producing video for a wide range of applications both personal and commercial. The goal of his book and talk is to show how what was expensive and complex is now cheap and simple. As artists and entrepreneurs understand the process it will help them share their work and businesses. He will demonstrate with his iPad via a projector.