General Meeting Cancelled Amidst Uncontrolled Wildfires — Nov. 15th

California wildfires in Butte County

For the first time in at least 20 years (possibly longer?), we will be cancelling this month’s general meeting which would have occurred this upcoming Thursday, the 15th of November.

The devastating wildfires plaguing Butte County and surrounding areas have caused many members to evacuate their homes, and many more members have had their lives significantly disrupted. Whether providing shelter or other assistance to the area’s many evacuees, preparing to evacuate themselves, dealing with health problems brought on by the smoke, or handling any number of other problems, the MacChUG community and the entire community of Butte County has their hands full dealing with the risks and the damage caused by the extreme wildfires of the past week.

From all the board members at MacChUG, we wish you all safety and comfort during these difficult and unpredictable times, and look forward to a more peaceful December meeting. And while mentions of what was to occur may no longer be relevant, this month’s newsletter is still available for viewing on our newsletter page.