Section 1.

The Chico Apple Users Group is organized and dedicated for the express purpose of creating an educational, charitable, literary, and scientific association. The association endeavors to foster awareness of its members and the general public of the broad range of function, utility, and flexibility personal computers and related devices can provide persons that desire to master their use. The Group emphasizes, but is not limited to, the Apple product lines of computers and related devices.




Section 2.

Annual dues are payable beginning at the November business meeting and continuing through December 31. Dues become delinquent on 1 January.

Section 3.

Officers and Directors at Large shall not receive any salary or other compensation for their services as directors or officers, although actual expenses incurred in doing the Chico Apple Users Group’s business as approved by the Board of Directors may be reimbursed, provided the expenses are approved by the Board of Directors and receipts for said reimbursements are submitted for payment in a timely fashion.




Section 1.

Any proposal to amend, alter, repeal or otherwise change these bylaws must first be approved by the Board of Directors.  The bylaws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part by a majority vote of the members present at any general meeting of the Group. A copy of proposed changes must be provided to each member qualified to vote at least 15 days before the meeting at which the vote will take place.