Awesome Apps with Myron Flindt — Feb. 21st

February presentation on Apple Pay and Wallet

February’s program starts off with our App of the Month: DayOne Journal. DayOne is the popular digital journaling app. It is one of the best selling and highest rated apps in the App Store. In 2012 it was Apple’s App of the Year. Since then it has won numerous editor’s choice awards and Apple’s Design Award in 2014. We will see why this app is so popular.

The second part of the program is a look at Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, and Apple Pay Cash. These are frequently confused and misunderstood so this will be an informative presentation, not a “how to”.

Apple Wallet, formerly known as Passport, digitally stores credit cards, tickets, gift cards and coupons on your iPhone freeing you from carrying around stacks of plastic cards. Apple Pay is a part of the Apple Wallet. It allows you to pay bills with a swipe of your thumbprint or finger print. It is considered to be one of the safest, most secure ways to use credit and debit cards. Apple Pay Cash is a way to send cash in Messages. These apps may appear confusing at first, but they are safe, very secure and easy to use. So, join us at the February meeting to learn all about these apps and services.