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Mastering Internet Search with Cody Henderson – Feb. 15th

Tips, Tricks & Techniques For Better Searches

Google search results page

This month’s guest speaker will be Cody Henderson of Chico based Beetstech who will explain how to effectively find what you’re looking for online.

Finding information on the internet isn’t as simple a task as it might seem — a fact many of you are already well aware of. If you actually do manage to find what you’re looking for, you’ll probably spent countless hours trying to get there. But Cody will explore the techniques he uses to find information online, and teach you the skills needed to become a master of search.

Cody started and grew his company using only his online search prowess to find solutions to the many business challenges he faced. Admittedly, he was ill equipped to run a company of any size when he founded Beetstech in 2013. Now that the business has grown to over 25 employees, his role requires him to teach himself new skills and information every day; a challenge he can only meet with the aid of internet research.


The Special Interest Groups (SIG), and the General Meeting is scheduled so that you can attend both.

Additional SIG Learning Time! Now Available

Mac & IOS Special Interest Groups – 6:30 to 8:00 pm 

MacChUG offers five (5) Special Interest Group to meet your needs.

Now you can determine your personal need and attend one of the classes listed below:

 iPhone Beginners **New class just for beginners**

 iPhone

 iPad

 Mac – Novice

 Mac – Q & A

Mastering Internet Search with Cody Henderson - Feb. 15th
Founding Beetstech with Cody Henderson - Sep. 21st
March 16th - Drew Swanson, CEO of The Mac U
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