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Londa Coy

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Cody Henderson

Chris Kent – Thursday March 16th

Our general meeting starts at 7:30.  Our guest speaker will be Chris Kent from Decisive Tactics.

Decisive Tactics, Inc.



Decisive Tactics, Inc. is a small software consulting company based in Richmond, VA with over 20 years of experience developing software for the Mac. In addition to our products, we offer custom software development services to a wide range of customers with a focus on scientific, forensic and security related applications.

Printopia and Printopia Pro

In March of 2015, we took over sales and support for the award-winning Printopia and Printopia Pro from our friends at Ecamm, after a successful partnership lasting years. We’re excited to take ownership of both products and are invested in moving both forward in the coming months. Printopia was a recipient of MacWorld’s 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards.

Chris Kent - Thursday March 16th
Founding Beetstech with Cody Henderson - Sep. 21st
March 16th - Drew Swanson, CEO of The Mac U
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