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Londa Coy

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Guest Speaker to present Greeting Card Program

We will have a guest speaker to present a Greeting Card Program on Thursday, November 19th,  at Manzanita Place (the Chico Elks Lodge), 1705 Manzanita Ave.

At 6:30PM  experienced members will host Special Interest group discussions  for iOS, as well as iPad and iPhone use. If you’d like to learn more about your Mac, iPhone or iPad, plan to come early. Visitors are always welcome and annual membership dues are only $25.00.

Kathleen Brooks will present Hallmark Card Studio for Mac. This software will allow you to create your own one-of-a-kind Hallmark cards for friends and family. It’s the fast, easy and fun way to create customizable Hallmark cards for any occasion – from birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

Hallmark Card Studio for Mac also helps you capture life’s special moments with scrapbook pages, photo frames, stationery, personalized invitations, stickers and certificates. Included are personal calendars for monthly and yearly use.



Monthly Meeting Thursday Oct 16th

Due to some glitches with the sound system Ron Steinke, our Program Director, will present the program that we didn’t get to see last month. It’s  a series of short videos authored macmost website by on a variety of Mac topics including Menu bar basics & tricks, Private browsing, and Cleaning your Contact list. Meetings are held at Manzanita Place AKA The Elks Lodge starting at 6:30 for the Novice Meeting and 7:30 for the general meeting.

If you have questions about navigating the Macintosh computer, web browsing or iPad/iPhone issues, this will be the time to have them answered.

Meetings Resume September 18th

This month Ron Steinke, our Program Director, will present a series of short videos authored macmost website by on a variety of Mac topics including Menu bar basics & tricks, Private browsing, and Cleaning your Contact list. Meetings are held at Manzanita Place AKA The Elks Lodge starting at 6:30 for the Novice Meeting and 7:30 for the general meeting.

If you have questions about navigating the Macintosh computer, web browsing or iPad/iPhone issues, this will be the time to have them answered.

We’ve added some resources to our library pertaining to the new Mac operating system, Yosemite and iOS 8 coming to your devices soon.

Also, if you’ve moved or changed your email address, be sure to let us or one of the greeters know so we can update our records and stay in touch.

Annual Big Ole Raffle

Our Annual Big Ole Raffle coming to our next meeting on June 19th!

6:30 pm to 7:15 pm – Guest Speaker Allie Rumpanos will do a presentation about the Fujitsu/ScanSnap.
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm – General meeting and The Big Ol’ Raffle.

Our major fundraiser for the year has thousands of dollars worth of Macintosh software and hardware, along with other great prizes to be raffled away!  Come early to buy tickets to help keep our club strong and alive.

Raffle tickets are: 1 ticket for $5 –  7 tickets for $25 – 15 tickets for $50

Participants must be members in good standing of MacChug and dues must be current to be eligible for prizes. For participants that are new members dues are $25.00 for 2014.”

Grand Prize The New MacBook Air!


Author – T. E. Watson

Monthly meeting May 15th at the Elks Lodge. Join the Novice Group at 6:30 to learn all about the Mac operating system. Our guest speaker at 7:30 for our main presentation with Award winning children’s author T.E.Watson about some great eBook authoring apps. Our June Big Ole Raffle tickets on sale! Grand Prize is a Macbook Air. Stayed tuned to hear about the other prizes. More than 50 prizes.


“To spark the imaginations of children is to help them begin a magical journey that will benefit them their entire lifetime!” T.E.Watson

photo from T.E. Watson website

Mr. Derrick Story Photographer, Photojournalist, Podcaster “The Digital Story.”

image of Derrick Story

Photograph of Derrick on the Sonoma Coast in Northern CA by Scott Loftesness.

Our next meeting on Thursday April 17th at the Elks Lodge at 6:30 will be a Novice meeting with Ron Steinke to answer questions, then at  7:30pm, we will have Derrick Story present:
The Nimble Photographer
Technology has allowed us to travel lighter without giving up capability. But how do you put the pieces together?
In this talk, Derrick Story will show you his tips for traveling light, whether you’re on vacation or just out for the day. He’ll talk about technologies for the iPhone, the iPad, and the latest in camera gear.
So pack your iOS device, and join Derrick for an evening of Nimbleosity.

Derrick Story is a writer, photographer, and teacher. He publishes weekly photography podcasts at, and maintains a journal of nimbleosity at

Derrick is a senior contributor for Macworld Magazine, online journalist for a Photography Magazine, and photography evangelist for Lowepro. He has more than 21 titles at

He has authored several books, including his latest, iPad for Digital Photographers, published by Wiley and Sons.

image of book iPad for Digital Photographers


Discover innovative ways to strengthen your photography business with your iPad

Many photographers are turning to the flexible, easy-to-use tools of the iPad and relying on them to wear a variety of hats in their photography business. Whether portable portfolio, editing tool, payment-tracking system, or appointment calendar, the iPad melds together the best attributes of the cell phone and a laptop computer and this unique book highlights them all. With this helpful resource, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your iPad to not only improve your business but also enhance your photography.

Mr. Kyle Wiens Founder,

Thursday March 20th, Kyle Wiens, Founder of will be our guest speaker. iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. Let’s fix the world, one device at a time. He started iFixit, the free repair manual. He writes regularly on technology issues. iFixit’s electronics teardowns, repairability reports, and photography are regularly published by the Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, LA Times, and others.
kyle wiens founder of

Article from the local Newspaper

CHICO — The Macintosh Chico Users Group isn’t just for Mac geeks or even just for Macs.

By KYRA GOTTESMAN-Correspondent

“It’s for anyone who wants to learn and have a good time enjoying everything Apple. That’s what we’re all about, learning and fun. We’re just a group of regular folks who want to learn to get the most out of our Apple products” said Ron Brooks, the group’s librarian.

Booting up in ’85

In 1985, a year after the first Macintosh were released, a local personal computer retail store created a Mac users classroom with 10 tables and five computers. The store hosted free weekly tech-support classes. Brooks was one of the first customers to attend.
“I bought my first Mac and printer in 1985 for $3,500. Other than the basics, I didn’t know anything so the class was great,” he said.

As Macintosh gained personal computer market share, the class continued to grow to overflowing. By 1990, the user group changed locations and began meeting at Chico Community Hospital. In the mid- to-late ’90s, with more than 125 members, the group moved again to Enloe Conference Center. In 2013 MacChUG, as the group calls itself, moved its now monthly meetings to the Elks Lodge.
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Christian Pickman – February Speaker

  • This month’s Guest Speaker on February 20th will be Mr. Christian Pickman of Micromat.

    Christian is the Product Manager for Micromat for the past seventeen years. Micromat and Christian have been longtime supporters of Apple User Groups and especially the the Chico Apple Users Group. Micromat is the maker of the newly updated Techtool Pro 7, the most advanced Macintosh repair utility EVER!

    Techtool Pro 7 is the most advanced version of the acclaimed Macintosh troubleshooting utility created in Micromat’s 20-year history. Micromat has redeveloped Techtool Pro 7 to be fully 64-bit compatible, which allows the program to run more efficiently on the latest Macintosh computers. Micromat also added a fantastic new RAM test that can find problems which no other utility can; along with also improving many of the testing, repair and maintenance routines.
    Christian will be demonstrating TechTool Pro 7 for the majority of the presentation and afterwards mentioning Checkmate, TechTool Protogo 4, and MachineProfile followed by a question and answer afterwards from the group.

    Come to this month’s meeting and check out Techtool Pro 7.
    tech tools pro version 7

  • James Ellison Wills – January Speaker

    image of james willsJames Ellison Wills is a freelance pixel pusher and has been for almost three decades. He has produced four documentary films, over 200 video shorts and published five books. Web design and video production are his primary work. He lives in Sonoma and works at home.

    James Ellison Wills’ interactive book explores the subject of video production with just an iPad. The book is not a software manual; it is focused on the process and the tools of iPad video production; the cameras, the editor, the shots. Written in iBooks Author and enhanced with 25 videos, the book’s samples were all shot on location in Japan to spice up the imagery.

    Wills is an enthusiastic proponent of iPad users producing video for a wide range of applications both personal and commercial. The goal of his book and talk is to show how what was expensive and complex is now cheap and simple. As artists and entrepreneurs understand the process it will help them share their work and businesses. He will demonstrate with his iPad via a projector.



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