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Feb 16th – Photo Management

Feb 16th - Photo Management Feb 16th - Photo Management

Linda Perry Presents Photo Management at 7:30pm. 

Most of us use our iPhones or iPads to take pictures … of family, friends, pets, events, travel, etc. But how do you get those pictures onto your computer for safe keeping? What happens when you run out of room on your phone? That’s where iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream come into play. But which one should you use? We’ll talk about iCloud options and album creation as a means to organize your pictures.

Ron Brooks will also conduct a brief Q&A in one of our “back rooms” for Clean My Mac 3 and MacU “All-Access” code installation. If either of these issues are of interest, come at 6:30 for this discussion.

From 6:30pm – 7:15pm  – Four Mac & IOS Special Interest Groups  to meet your needs.

Now you can determined your personal need and attend one of the classes listed below

iPhone   iPad   Mac – Novice  Mac – Q & A

Feb 16th - Photo Management
Founding Beetstech with Cody Henderson - Sep. 21st
March 16th - Drew Swanson, CEO of The Mac U
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